Alice's Adventures in Wonderland



It’s another boring day for Alice, as she struggles to sit still while her portrait is being done. But then, something very interesting…and unbelievable! …happens: Her painter disappears through the painting! As her curiosity gets the best of her, she follows him into the magical world of Wonderland. And so her adventures begin! Throughout her quest to find the Red Queen, she meets such fascinating characters as the White Rabbit, a Mad Hatter, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, and even Humpty Dumpty, himself. Alice’s imaginative journey is one we all, young and old, can join.


The New York Times
Friday, April 18, 2003

This is the time of year for rabbits, especially this weekend. Not every bunny, however, has Easter eggs and a basket. In Manhattan there is at least one whose main accouterments are a waistcoat and a pocket watch: he has an appointment to keep. He's the White Rabbit in "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" at Manhattan Children's Theatre. In the adaptation by Deborah Lynn Frockt, Alice doesn't follow him down a rabbit hole; rather, she steps into a painter's canvas. What follows is a re-enactment of Alice's adventure, done with cheerful tunes by Dave Braynard and a poetic license that Lewis Carroll himself might have appreciated. The original text is peppered with puns, and the theater has added its own, both verbal and visual. The Cheshire Cat, for instance, wears sunglasses, tilts his head and speaks in a raspy purr evocative of Ray Charles; he's evidently a cat that scats! Lisanne Marie earnestly portrays Alice and Rick Birnbaum, Paula Ehrenberg, Jody Flader, David Look and Kristofer Kauff energetically play a variety of roles.



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